Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zero Day?

Zero Day is a cyberpunk themed, objective-driven collaborative bounty-hunting game that is heavily influenced by Dystopia, a Half-Life 2 modification originally authored and released by Team Dystopia in 2005, and later maintained and developed by Puny Human since 2007.

When will Zero Day be released?

The short answer is “when it’s ready.” We still have a lot of work to do in order to make Zero Day a reality. However, we are transparently developing Zero Day by posting updates semi-weekly, and discussing what we’re working on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Is this a sequel to Dystopia?

Nope.  We consider Zero Day to be somewhere between a successor and a spin off game.  If you loved Dystopia, you will find a lot to love in Zero Day, with a lot of callbacks to your favorite weapons, classes, implants, and more.

What about Dystopia?

We love Dystopia, and since we have maintained its development since 2007, we continuously work to keep it up to date.

Can you open source Dystopia or give it to the community?

Unfortunately no.  Due to technical issues with Source SDK Base (like Dedicated Servers just not working,) we licensed the Source Engine for Dystopia and released it as a free standalone game in early 2018.  While this license allows Dystopia to be playable, it prevents us from open sourcing Dystopia.