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Zero Day

Welcome to the official website of Zero Day, the newest game by Puny Human. Zero Day is a cyberpunk themed, objective-driven collaborative looter-shooter, heavily inspired by Dystopia, a Half-Life 2 modification originally authored and released by Team Dystopia in 2005, and later maintained and developed by Puny Human since 2007.

Transparent Development

Over the next four months, this website will be consistently updated with new information on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, adhering to Puny Human’s favored “transparent development” model.

Know that everything you read here, is subject to change.

Cyberpunk World
  • A dark, dystopian post-cyberpunk world and bright, glowing computerized cyberspace.
  • Transfer consciousness between bodies or androids, to get a leg up against enemies.
  • Augment your character, using acquired or crafted implants and abilities.
Objective Driven
  • Gain a tactical advantage, by capturing points of interest.
  • Converge toward the primary goal, to obtain the Zero Day objective.
  • Extract with your comrades, to beat out opposing teams.
Looter Shooter
  • Defeat enemies to obtain credits, material, and loot.
  • Craft armor, weapons and implants to accelerate combat.
  • Recycle loot and material to spend on special abilities.
Unreal Engine 4
  • Cosmetic Customizations
  • Team-Based Multiplayer
  • Matchmaking